About the Foundation

The Parrhasian Heritage Foundation, a 501(c) (3) charitable foundation in the United States, exists to support the ongoing excavation, preservation and documentation of projects at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion as well as associated regional research. The foundation provides financial support and leadership for the creation of the Parrhasian Heritage Park of the Peloponnesos, which will unify and protect a large area (ca. 675 square kilometers) in western Arcadia, northern Messenia and eastern Elis.

In addition, the foundation provides opportunities for students and scholars from the United States, Greece and other parts of the world to conduct research at Mt. Lykaion and in the neighboring areas as well as to work towards the creation of the Parrhasian Heritage Park through the annual Summer Field School.

Additional goals include the promotion of publications and conferences relating to the work of the project and the support of students and scholars working in this area of Greece. The Foundation is also working to create a research center as a permanent and comfortable place to work, study and live in Andritsaina that could be used the whole year for the above objectives and which could also serve as a place where students from around the world could be taught the latest techniques and methods of Cultural Heritage management.

Finally, the Parrhasian Heritage Foundation also encourages and assists Local Community efforts aiming at providing active and sustained support to the projects and the objectives of the Foundation.